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NCSI | SSCI is now a proud partner of the Texas Recreation and Park Society!

The Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS) is a nonprofit educational and professional organization founded 77 years ago to advance the profession of parks, recreation, and leisure services in Texas. NCSI | SSCI's partnership with the Texas Recreation and Park Society is a further commitment to helping you keep your communities safe.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Background Checks are not enough to meet the current due-diligent background screening standards.

At NCSI | SSCI, protecting children and organizations like yours is our top priority. Our background screening program for parks and recreation agencies and volunteers involves a thorough social security trace in addition to a detailed address trace.  Learn how you can go beyond Texas DPS background checks and uncover criminal records that would have been missed through an Texas DPS-only check which DOES NOT search out-of-state records!

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 Texas TRAPS Recreation Background Checks

Texas Recreation Departments

NCSI | SSCI has been working with Parks and Recreation agencies from the very beginning, helping to establish the national guidelines for Parks and Recreation Screenings. 


 Texas TRAPS Volunteer Background Checks

Texas Volunteers

NCSI | SSCI partners with volunteer-driven organizations to provide the highest level of background screening services available.



 Coach Background Checks Texas

Texas Coaches

Learn how to keep your teams safe with NCSI | SSCI's Background Screening Solutions for Coaches. We can help you to gain control of your Youth Athletic Associations and ensure the highest level of screening standards for your agency.

NCSI | SSCI Proudly Serves Over 50 Texas Agencies Including:

 Texas Parks and recreation TRAPS

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