How did a registered child sex offender who spent two years in prison for his previous crimes, slip through the cracks and end up as a volunteer bus driver in Ohio?

Registered sex offender and ex-volunteer bus driver Jordy D. Leedy, 46, has been arrested and charged with the alleged sexual abuse of two young children. According to reports from the Dayton Daily News, Leedy met the children in 2012 while serving as a volunteer bus driver for Target Dayton Ministries. Due to the extended abuse time frame of two years and the multiple states where the abuse allegedly took place, the investigation is now being conducted and prosecuted as a federal case. According to police, Leedy also served as a youth hockey coach in Ohio over the years.

In 2002, Leedy was convicted of "gross sexual imposition of a minor less than 13 years old" and sentenced to two years in prison. He was also required to register as a sex offender after his release. 

How did a registered sex offender end up volunteering with children? It is not yet clear if a background check was ever conducted on Leedy by Target Dayton Ministries. A due diligent and thorough background check would have helped to uncover Leedy's prior criminal history and sex offender status which should have barred him for working or volunteering around children.

"It's just so easy for a predator to find their way into your organization and take advantage         and exploit children if they're not background checked," Leslie Sheward, president of                 the Twin Towers Neighborhood Association said in an interview with the Dayton Daily                 News. The neighborhood is located near the church where Leedy volunteered. "You have           to be vigilant from all aspects."


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