Parks & Recreation - Operation TLC²

Operation TLC² - A Program of SSCI

The SSCI Implementation Strategy for Parks & Recreation to Keep Out the Unqualified

Parks and Recreation Background Check - Operation TLC2

Operation TLC² Making Communities Safe is the original volunteer management and background screening program of the National Recreation and Park Association designed to first qualify volunteers then prepare them for public service.

Operation TLC² Recommended Guidelines for Background Screening Volunteers define the specific components for a comprehensive national criminal background check system consistently applicable in every state, for every agency, across the park, recreation, and conservation landscape.

As an Operation TLC² agency you will receive:

  • Operation TLC² Making Communities Safe full-service national background checks at the preferred price of $18.50 each.
  • Results with full case disposition in 48 to 72 hours.
  • FREE Operation TLC² Making Communities Safe Orientation and Training Toolkit.
  • Access to purchase customized photo identification badges, or manufacturing equipment and materials at a preferred price.

Why is SSCI more effective than other providers

SSCI goes beyond a national database for an in-depth investigation that most providers do not offer. If the cost of the background check is $15 or less or the results are instantaneous, it is most likely a database-only screening. Database-only checks are substandard in the field of Parks and Recreation and do not meet the test of due diligence in the court of law.

What is a child’s safety worth?

This program will save you time and money while offering you more coverage. SSCI is America’s # 1 Choice in Parks and Recreation Background Screening and has set the background screening standard which has been adopted and implemented by over 1,200 city and county park and recreation agencies, countless youth sports organizations, and most of the National Governing Bodies of the United States Olympic Committee. SSCI is also a Founding Member of NAPBS and is responsible for constructing the NRPA Background Screening Guidelines.

At $18.50 per national investigation, this all-inclusive screening package contains no membership fees, hidden cost or annual minimums.

The Background Check Process Includes:

  • Customized Online Screening System for your agency
  • Option to allow applicants to submit online with E-signature
  • Applicant credit card pay system (available upon request)
  • Verification of Identity
  • Identification of Current & Past Addresses
  • Thorough Local Criminal Record Search (MULTIPLE if needed based on Current and Past Addresses)
    • All investigations done physically at courthouse – Do not be fooled by imitations
  • National Criminal Record Search – 800 Million Records
    • All criminal records discovered will be confirmed with local on-site investigations where the case was adjudicated
  • Review of Sex Offender Registries in all 50 States and District of Columbia
  • Turn Around Time 3-5 business days
  • Assigned personal contacts at SSCI

RecTrac clients and their authorized user groups can also take advantage our online sign-up option with self pay. SSCI is able to offer this feature through our unique partnership with Vermont Systems (RecTrac).

Parks and Recreation Communities Dedicated to Making Communities Safe:

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